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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the Workplace
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Oplyst provide cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) based training & education packages to the small business aimed at eleviating workplace stress.

We have vast experience in delivering a wide range of evidence based psychological approaches to manage stress and enhance general well being. 

It is our belief that every business should and could benefit from having an enthusiastic, well-communicated, productive & motivated workforce.

We believe that every business can benefit from incorporating cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and strategies into their business model.  Whether to increase morale and lower stress of the workforce or to compliment the service you provide to your customers.

Oplyst was developed using Health & Safety Executive (HSE) research & guidance as a framework. The HSE Management Standards for Managing Stress in the Workplace act as a guide for the core component of all our training packages. See "Our Services" above.

"While situations, encounters or events may seem intrinsically "stressful," it is truly how an individual perceives and reacts to an event that determines whether or not the stress response is activated."

Institute of HeartMath.

Do your staff enjoy working together?   

    Do they promote a positive image of you business at every level? 

   Arunhealthy dynamics within your workforce impacting negatively upon morale & productivity?

Oplyst can work with you & your team to help reduce...... 
   Stress in your Workplace
  Fears of Litigation

         "Work related stress is linked with high levels of absence, staff turnover & errors"
        Health & Safety Executive(HSE)

      "50/60% of all lost working days can be attributed to work-related stress"
           Recent European poll (2013) conducted by EU-OSHA 

Oplyst can help you Safeguard your company & in turn provide excellent, certificated training which can lead to a
 better motivated, healthier, more productive workforce with less absenteeism & greater staff retention. 

For a relatively small outlay you could meet many of the HSE recommendations for managing stress in the workplace.

We are a versatile service, tailoring training to your needs. We deliver friendly, informal & enjoyable sessions to your site.

We deliver training to your workplace. There are two good reasons why we prefer to do this;
Firstly, corporate facilities can feel cold and clinical. Using a home base can provide a less formal environment & more intimate atmosphere through which learning can flourish.

Secondly, it reduces the cost to you, as there's no need to release staff for the time & cost of travel or for us to incorporate the price of the venue into our fees.

*We can arrange a venue for you if required.





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